Dual Raven Setup for Presonus Studio One

When using Dual Ravens with Studio One be sure to download the correct application from the Slate Digital website and the latest up to date installer from Presonus for Studio One.  

Then, disable all UPDD gestures for touch as S1 will handle all gestures in the application.

To drag the Mix window across all the monitors, be sure to disable "Displays have separate spaces" in System Preferences /Mission Control. This will allow the ability to drag all windows across the displays.

In Studio One Prefs enable TUIO and set the amount of touch monitors.



Since Studio One is already a multi-touch application, the only software needed is Batch Commander for the specific Touch Screen. 

Since MTi1 and MTi2 use different drivers it is very important to install the correct one. If for some reason the incorrect one is installed, please download the MTi1 uninstaller from below, or run the UPDD uninstaller from Applications/Utilities/UPDD Uninstall.

Once Batch Commander is installed, be sure to set up the UPDD Gestures correctly. When Studio One is open it will take over handling 1 and 2 finger touch and drags so the gestures for these clicks will need to be turn off.. Open up the UPDD Gestures application from Applications/Utilities/UPDD Gestures and turned off.

It's easy to save and import these "Gestures" by adding Gestures to your menu bar by opening the UPDD gestures application from App/Utililites and navigating to the "other Settings"tab and selecting "Show Menu Bar Icon". Then click the icon in the menu bar and select "Load Profile Option" then import the "Studio One Gestures.gpf" file attached below.  

Once you close Studio One, you may want to use the Touch Screen for other apps, to do this import the "Raven Gestures.gpf" file attached below and it will turn all the click functions back on.

Once these Gestures are setup correctly be sure to Enable TUIO in Studio One Preferences and add the amount of touch monitors you are using.



Note: After changing any settings in UPDD Gestures, Studio One will need to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Lastly, download the Raven Key Commands from the user account page or grab them from below..

Once downloaded, open up Studio One Preferences and navigate to the Keyboard shortcuts tab and select click the drop menu and select import..

Find the key Commands and import them..

Now the Batch Commander app will be setup to control Studio One.

If for some reason the Touch Screen is not working correctly, see these articles to be sure the UPDD Settings have been setup correctly for the current Display settings..

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