What are the pinouts of the Slate Control?

  • The Slate Control uses DB25, DB9, XLR, ¼” TRS and ⅛” TRS connections.
  • On XLR and balanced TRS connections:
    • pin 1 is ground (gnd)
    • pin 2 is hot (+)
    • pin 3 is cold (-)
  • DB25 connectors use the widespread Tascam standard which is compatible with most modern equipment. Please see this document on Tascam’s website for the Analog DB25 pin configuration. It is also printed on the back of the Slate Control Rack Unit. The pin designations are also screened on the unit, and explained more completely in the Slate Control User Manual.
  • DB9 Connectors are custom configurations and are described in the Slate Control User Manual.
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