Cubase Mixer Alignment

The Raven Internal Mixer requires correct alignment and the correct tracks to be shown in order to align with the Cubase Mix Console properly. Showing incorrect tracks or not enough tracks can have effects on the banking and the faders.

When banking 24 faders right and left, be sure to zoom out in the mixer to show exactly 24 tracks at a time.

Be sure there are no Stereo In/Out tracks showing in the mix console, as these type of tracks do not output HUI so Raven doesn't know they exist and cannot stay aligned in the internal mixer.

When showing 3 stereo in tracks the Raven Internal Mixer is out of sync by 3 faders.

Hide these Stereo Input tracks by clicking the visibility button in the tracks list. 

It is also possible to hide these tracks from the "Configuration Window". In Cubase 9 be sure to also hide the "Sampler Channels"

When showing 9 Stereo out tracks the Raven Internal Mixer is out of sync by 9 faders.

Hide these Stereo Outputs tracks by clicking the visibility button in the tracks list.

If there are more Stereo I/O tracks showing then are needed for the system. These can be deleted from VST connections menu  (F4)

The Project Window uses Workspace 1 and the Mix Window uses Workspace 2.

The Project/Mix button on Raven uses these workspaces so be sure the correct workspace is using the correct number.

The Workspaces are updated each time Project/Mix they are pressed in order to save the window layout. So if the Channel Settings window or another window is opened while swapping it will be saved to the workspace. 

Below is the correct alignment when the Stereo In/Out faders are hidden.

When the mix window is aligned and showing all the correct tracks add this setup as a Visibility Configuration to quicklist access it with a Batch Command Cntrl+Option+Numpad 1.

If using a Summing Mixer and need access to the In/Out Tracks. Open up MixConsole 3 and show only the In/Out Tracks on this mixer. The Control Room can also be shown in this console. This will allow use of the Raven Internal Mixer and the Sternberg In/Out tracks at the same time.  

Be sure to "UNCHECK" Sync Project Selection and MixConsole so that Raven and Cubase will bank to the correct tracks in the MixConsole. For instance if track 56 is selected and in the Cubase project window, when switching to to the mix window, Raven will show tracks 1-24 and Cubase will have scrolled over to track 56.

Lastly, make sure the Cubase Mixer Color Scheme is set to default, as Raven uses pixel detection to sync the Internal Mixer faders over Cubase. Select MixConsole and press Defaults and Apply on the bottom of the Window. 


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